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If all the shopping, gacha-ing and exploring is too much, we have a lovely party pavilion set up near the laundromat, where you can kick back and cam-shop or just hang out with friends.I never expected a couple years down the road that I would be joining the Cart Sale as their official blogger.

There is a really nice mix of every-day items as well as holiday themed things to be found on the carts as well.A clumsy mortician wakes a girl from the dead and helps her find her killer.It is the 3rd birthday for We Love Roleplay, and many of the designers.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to move at an event.The TTTT Hunt just started and will run til the end of the month.Your connection to fashion, freebies, hunts, travel, games and more in SL.

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Join the group for information and for a cute bee you can wear.

We produce 5 hunts, 6 events, monthly TWE12VE designer showcase, and bi-monthly THE GACHA LIFE gacha event.

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The sim was hopping all day yesterday and even hit full capacity a few times.You know all about the awesome deals you can find on the designer kiosks during this event, and by now I am sure you have heard about the gifts and the special gacha laundromat Ms.The designers have been amazingly generous in sending stuff in, so I am having a ball working through all the boxes and getting them ready to share.

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To celebrate the anniversary of this hunt many creators that participated of.

Aerlinniel's SL Wolftracks: Welcome To Trick or Treat Lane

With romance, humor, and mystery, Franken White is a lighthearted spin on an old tale.

The Wash Laundromat is filled with gacha machines for this special round of Cart Sale.

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The real star of the Cart Sale is, of course, all the wonderful things the designers have created to help celebrate this special round.One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the.The sim has had an overhaul, there are all kinds of new shops to explore, the streets are lined with kiosks offering up some amazing items, there is a special gacha set up in the all-new Wash Laundromat, and there presents abound for our lovely shoppers.Find this Pin and more on Second Life Freebies, Free Gifts, Secondlife Lucky Letters, SL Midnight Mania by nessaja1982.

I had mentioned in a previous post that the sim was super busy yesterday and hit capacity a few times.


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For this special edition of Happy Hunting, Host Cinders Vale brings you a collection of fun holiday hunts.The Treasure Trove yardsale is crammed with all kinds of gacha resale items as well and the stock on the tables there changes frequently, so there is no telling what you might find if you poke around a bit.

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We are seeing an amazing number of shoppers on the sim, especially during peak SL times, so remember to be kind to each other and keep your complexity low while you are shopping.

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